Addressing and Postal Discounts Laser Printing Data Processing Bursting / Folding / Interstacking

Exact Matching

Weekley's will guarantee match on your inserting project. We have MCS Perfect Match Camera Systems mounted on 2 of our Pitney Bowes RS Flowmaster High Speed Inserters.

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Laser Printing

Where the highest quality of print and variable data insertion within documents is required, this process will give you a professional presentation that will personalize each letter to your prospective client. Within each letter you will be able to customize the variable data to reference customer numbers, loan or account balances, due dates, and other criteria as needed for your application. From as little as a few hundred letters to mailings of millions of pieces, this is a very effective tool for your targeted marketing.

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Let us show you our our capabilities to affix your card, refrigerator magnet or reply envelope to a host with our GaVehren attachers. Our high volume capacity is perfect for companies that send membership cards, discount cards, and other flat objects to their customers. We can deliver over 1,000,000 attached cards per week. We offer Wafer Sealing and Gluing for Folded Self-Mailers and Labelaire affixing of labels and seals.

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